About Staingard Sanitisers

If businesses had done a ‘SWOT’ analysis on their businesses in December 19 none, save for Bill Gates of course, would have put ‘Global Pandemic’ under threats, and if they had how many would have put enhanced product range, new customers and business saving revenue under opportunities? So it was as a result of our agility and flexibility as a business, our strong sense of purpose, our brilliant hard working team, the support of our fantastic and loyal customers and suppliers and as Cilla would have said ‘A lorra lorra Luck’, that we have prevailed against a silent deadly enemy that has threatened our very existence let alone the survival of our businesses.

On the 25th of March the first machines as part of a substantial investment in production and packaging machinery equipment arrived ……………..just as the doors on our business and many thousands of others closed. However 2 days later we received the call from one of our suppliers asking if we could provide support in the production and packaging of a non-alcoholic hand sanitiser for a large government establishment. Our new machinery swung into action, we bought our production team back in off furlough, put on extra shifts and we haven’t stopped production yet. So we were lucky to have had that opportunity even though it did not replace all of our lost income. On the back of that we have developed an extensive range of great quality cost effective sanitiser solutions.

We’ve developed products that act as standalone sanitiser products for hard surfaces, fabrics and beds, and of course hand sanitiser. Hand sanitiser comes in an alcohol based product and a non-alcohol water based product. The hard surface and fabric sanitisers not only have extensive and quick anti-bacterial and anti-viral kill rates but they remain persistent on the surface thereby providing extended protection.

We have recently developed and are about to launch cleaners and protectors for both fabrics , leathers and carpets that provide all the benefits of the great Staingard fabric and leather products that have led the market for over 2 decades but also have extended anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

In a market where profiteering has led to simple commodities being sold for outrageous prices we have managed to maintain competitive prices and continuity of supply. Our customers across the country are delighted with the range of products, the packaging options and the great service we have provided.

There is no doubt that peoples heightened sense of the need for enhanced hygiene is going to drive ongoing demand for sometime and we will be here to continue the supply of the required products alongside our great range of furniture care products. It is worth mentioning that 2 years ago we launched a mattress in a box that was unique in many ways – it was the first turnable boxed mattress and featured 2 sleep surfaces with different foams and crucially fabrics that had been treated with ………………wait for it ………………..an anti-bacterial and anti-viral additive. Customers in the main loved the product but failed to recognise the benefits of the treatment! They do now, and in fact we have sold out of the mattress and have been inundated recently with customers expressing renewed interest in our suddenly very relevant product.